Door Entry System Common Faults

What are the most common faults with Edinburgh Door Entry Systems?

For repairs to door entry / intercom systems, as with many things, the hardest part is usually identifying the cause. The repair is usually the straight forward part.

More often than not faults with door entry systems will be found and repaired within an hour, for which a HomeForce technician will charge £65 plus any parts and parking. (See “Why trades people make a minimum charge”)

When a fault on a door entry system requires more extensive work to repair a technician will charge for his time doing his initial investigative work and provide a quote for the further works.

Common door entry / intercom faults are listed below along with their usual causes. Note that this is provided as information and not a DIY guide.

1. Handset not buzzing / ringing

  • Broken wire/ connection
  • Dropped voltage in system
  • Faulty handset

Most commonly, replacing a handset (usually costing £20 – £30 but could be up to £250 for audio & visual systems) or repairing a connection resolves this kind of door entry system fault.

2. Lock Release not operating

  • Could be mechanical; button sticking or over tightening of the lock
  • Could be electrical; voltage dropping, connections being lost
  • Or a part failure:- button on handset or failure of the release mechanism

3. Services or trades button does not work

  • Power not getting to the time clock
  • Time clock settings not correct / working
  • Break in circuit

4. Acoustic / Audio interference

  • Volume controls not properly adjusted
  • Speech panel loose / incorrectly fitted
  • Feed back between handset and panel
  • Cabling or charge issues

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