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    Looking to hire a cherry picker in Edinburgh? HomeForce provide thoroughly vetted, continuously appraised cherry picker hire (and operator) with a proven reliability record.

    Access roofs, trees, gutters and even street lights with HomeForce’s Edinburgh cherry picker hire service. A cheaper and faster alternative to scaffolding.

    Hire a 12.5m cherry picker access platform and operator in Edinburgh from just £190 for a half day (3hrs). The trained operator can carry out jobs such as gutter clearing, small roof repairs, painting and other jobs all included in the price. Alternatively they can assist a specialist sourced through HomeForce or separately. 

    Contact HomeForce for a free, no obligation quotation at a guaranteed fair price. You won’t find better value in Edinburgh.

    Price information

    From £190 for a half day or £280 for a full day
    Price includes platform and operator
    Half Day = 3 hrs, Full Day = 4 – 8 hrs

    Minimum charge £190
    Free, no obligation, estimates and quotations

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