Over the phone estimates & quotations

Estimates over the phone are often guess work.

Where feasible HomeForce and its’ accredited tradespeople will provide over the phone estimates. However these are not, and cannot be, guaranteed prices i.e. quotations (see here for the difference between Estimates and Quotations).

HomeForce will never guarantee that a tradesperson will charge a certain price.

This is for a number of reasons:

  • The tradesperson is more skilled, experienced and qualified to assess the requirements of any job than our call handlers.
  • While HomeForce does inform tradespeople about current, local market rates for tradespeople, it does not tell tradespeople what to charge; they set their own prices.
  • Cost estimates given by HomeForce could be out by 100% (higher or lower) or more. This can mean customers might incorrectly believe:
    • HomeForce give an artificially low cost to get a tradesperson in the door.
    • A HomeForce accredited tradesperson will be expensive when, in fact, they will not be.
  • Even with sight of an every day task estimates of how long things will take can often be widely out. To illustrate this, try estimating how long it will take you to walk to your nearest post box. You do, after all, walk every day. Now time yourself doing that walk. Finally calculate how far out you were as a percentage of the total time.

HomeForce will provide estimates based on charges made for similar, previous jobs. Where we cannot be sure that a job is similar to a historical one please don’t be offended if we decline. We simply don’t want to mislead you.

You will find many examples of what large and small projects usually cost on our website. Search our knowledge base to see if there’s something there to help.

And, don’t forget, estimates & quotations are provided free of charge and with no obligation by all HomeForce accredited tradespeople.