Why HomeForce Job Leads are better

Experienced call handlers define jobs. Not customers.

Some customers try to make a job seem smaller (to get a lower price) or bigger (to entice you to quote for jobs you don’t want).

Our call handlers cut out the bull and just get the information you need: – budget, timescales and a clear job definition PLUS photos when we can.

We ensure that only jobs that will be of interest to you are sent to you. You can then accept or decline them without offending the customer. 

Tyre Kickers and Information Gatherers are helped without taking up your time

Many customers are just need a bit of information. However, they default to asking for a quote which takes up your time.

Whether it’s setting a budget, working out the trade that’s required for their job or planning a project, we take time to answer these questions so that you don’t have to.

And we politely decline customers who already have three or more quotes or in other ways will obviously waste a tradesperson’s valuable time.

One Job Lead - One Contractor

Unlike some job lead generators HomeForce doesn’t sell the same job lead to five or more tradespeople.

HomeForce job leads are available to just one accredited tradesperson. Once it’s taken it’s not available to others.

Pay only for jobs you win, after invoicing them

Sure, HomeForce charges you for job leads but only the ones that go ahead and only after they have been invoiced.

Our success depends on your success so, of course, we’ll do all we can to help you win and complete jobs profitably.

Customer ratings and conversion rates

Most “find a trader” sites, or even Google, invite customers to rate or review tradespeople. But wouldn’t it be helpful and fairer for tradespeople to also rate customers, just like with Uber?

Thats’s exactly what HomeForce allows you to do, after you complete a job for a customer.

Customer ratings and conversion rates (the percentage of jobs they progress with compared to the enquiries they make) are then available to you before you accept a job lead.

Jobs are done on your terms

Professionally drafted terms of business prevent misunderstandings with customers. Payment terms, penalties for late payment, snagging, who will provide materials, customers responsibilities, duration of works, resolving disputes and more, it’s best to state this upfront rather than debate when a problem arises.

HomeForce’s systems send your terms of business to the customer at the point you accept the job. That way a customer can never say they didn’t know how you operate when they asked you to do the work.

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