Job Leads for Edinburgh Tradespeople

Job leads for Edinburgh tradespeople – where to find the best.

What is the best source of job leads for tradespeople in Edinburgh?

Word of mouth and repeat business is always the best source of new work. That applies to any business, not just tradespeople.

However, for a tradesperson just starting out in business it takes time to build up a bank of customers who will refer friends and family and come back for more work.

Tradespeople could:

  • Advertise in papers or magazines
  • Distribute cards and leaflets
  • Join a business networking group
  • Build a website.
  • etc

All of these take time, require expenditure and there’s a lag time while jobs filter through.

Of course we’d say HomeForce is the best source for new jobs but there are other “Lead Generation” or “Book A trader” websites such as myBuilder, Rated People or Check a Trade who ffer a quick source of job leads. On these sites customers have expressed a desire to get work done (or at least get a quote). Tradespeople can “buy” the job lead for a relatively small outlay. While there is some “set up” requirements these can usually be completed quickly compared to creating marketing materials from scratch.

In HomeForce’s view there are advantages and disadvantages to “Lead Generation Websites” that both tradespeople and consumers should consider.

The pros and con’s of “Lead Generation” / “Book a Trader” Websites

You may disagree with us but here’s our list of the positives and negatives of “Lead Generation” / “Book a Trader” websites.


Pay for job lead even if don’t winSave time and money advertising / setting up own website
Quoting against up to five othersThird party responsible for collecting customer data. Though can often be entered incorrectly
No prior knowledge of a customer integrityOpportunity to build reputation through ratings
Job often goes to fastest to react meaning paying for a job that’s already “gone”Can deal with jobs / leads when on the move (via apps)
Customers often define (and set price for) own jobs potentially leading to unrealistic expectations / understanding of requirementsReasonably constant stream of work available
No assistance in pursuing customer if don’t pay or mediation if break down in relationship


Relying on “Self-Certification” i.e. that the tradesperson is right for the jobFree!
Quick and easy way to get three quotes
No mediation if things go wrongCan read reviews on trades previous work
Promotes “race to the bottom” that compromises on qualityAccess to many trades people in one go
Tradesperson “comes to you” rather than having to scour the internet.Reassurance that Tradesperson will not want a poor review

We do accept that these benefits and disadvantages are seen through the eyes of HomeForce and others may disagree.

At HomeForce we think:

  • Getting the right person for the job from the start will save customers as much money (if not more) as just going for the cheapest quote.
  • That helping tradespeople deliver a better service is more beneficial to everyone than just beating them with the stick of a poor review.
  • And that providing a “middle man” service can prevent breakdowns in communications.

Tradespeople, find out more about HomeForce:

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