Edinburgh Tradespeople that HomeForce Avoid

Edinburgh Cowboy Builders is a term we won’t use but there are certainly some Edinburgh tradespeople that HomeForce now avoids.

First a bit of background:

All tradespeople available through HomeForce complete a thorough vetting process. They are then continuously appraised on all jobs they complete.

Even after receiving good feedback for many jobs a tradesperson’s standards might slip. They stop caring. This is one of the reasons why we recommend that customers always return to HomeForce for subsequent jobs and do not go direct to a tradesperson introduced by HomeForce.

When an accredited tradesperson stops delivering a good service then HomeForce will do all it can to help that tradesperson get back to their previous service levels.

However, accreditation of a tradesperson is removed if they continue to:

  • be frequently unreliable
  • execute substandard work
  • refuse to rectify work that should have been done to a higher standard
  • carry out jobs for which they are not qualified
  • prove to be dishonest or fraudulent
  • work without suitable insurance
  • fail to pay subcontractors or suppliers
  • leave work sites in a dangerous condition

We feel it is our responsibility to notify customers of tradespeople to whom one or more of the above criteria apply and that HomeForce will no longer work with.

Tradespeople that HomeForce no longer works with are:

Name:David Hennessey
Trade:Plumbing, Gas, Bathrooms
Trading Name:DBM Plumbing & Heating
Aliases:The Heating & Hot Water Company
Location(s):Newtongrange, Dalkeith, EH22
Web Presence:dbm_plumbing_and_heating
Name:David Graham / Steven Campbell
Trade:Plumbing. Gas. Kitchens. Bathrooms. Renovations.
Trading Name:City All Trades. City Fair Trades.
Aliases:Castle Home Trades
Location(s):Edinburgh, EH5
Web Presence:City Fair Trades
Liquidation Notice

Name:David Moffat
Trade:Joiner, Renovations
Trading Name:D Moffat Joinery & Building
Aliases:Various but unknown
Location(s):Bonnyrigg, EH19
Web Presence:DavidMo52881555 and yelp
Name:Richard McKean
Trade:Gas. Boilers. Central Heating.
Trading Name:McKean Gas
Aliases:None Known
Location(s):Edinburgh, EH12
Also works in Fife
Web Presence:www.mckeangas.com
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