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Spring, not summer, is the time to think of outdoor property projects

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Read on to find why summer is too late to think about outdoor property projects and what services HomeForce can offer. Search our Knowledge base for tips and ideas, or visit our prices page to see costs for specific trades.

As we emerge from winter hibernation people start to think about property projects; new bathrooms & kitchens, changing flooring or simply redecorating.

Outdoor projects though tend not to get thought of until we want to do a bit of outdoor living. At HomeForce we’d argue that when summer arrives it’s getting too late to first think of outdoor projects.

Here are five reasons why:
  1. Gardeners & Landscapers are booked booked up for the whole summer by late April or early May. Find one in the early spring to ensure your project is completed in time to enjoy it this year.
  2. Between the start of January right up to Easter can be a relatively quite time for tradespeople. They are hungry for work. They might offer lower prices. At the least they will have more time to devote to you and provide quotes.
  3. Spring sales apply as much to wholesalers of building products and supplies as any retailers.  (although be aware that at any given time any retailer will have products discounted – it’s part of the stock management process). Even if you aren’t getting the project done for a couple of months you can still get your supplies in at a discounted rate.
  4. Getting outdoor work done before the growing season starts will make it easier (and so cheaper) and:
    1. Cause less damage to plants that you do want to grow
    2. Remove plants that you don’t want to grow before they get established.
  5.  For external painting there’s a limited window of opportunity in Edinburgh Summers (Read more here). Book a painter before all his summer slots go. Plus, painting and treating is as much about protection from the UV of the sun as it is from the frost and rain of the winter.

HomeForce provide accredited tradespeople to carry out all kinds of external works either for reactive or preventative maintenance or simply to improve outdoor living spaces.

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