Edinburgh Garden Decking Services

Garden Decking installed by HomeForce accredited landscaper in Edinburgh.

Garden decking is a wonderful way to create an easy to maintain outdoor living space.

Enjoy the soothing sights and smells of your garden on warm summer evenings with an open-air eating or relaxing area.

The good news is that garden decking is almost infinitely customisable and can be constructed to almost any design. But it’s not as simple as plonking some planks down. You need to think about:

  • Where to best site your decking
  • How to deal with uneven or sloping ground
  • Protecting your decking against the elements
  • What type of wood (and treatment) to match your garden and it’s unique environment.

Unless you are a professional or very competent DIY’er decking is something we’d recommend you use a professional to consult with and install.

A HomeForce Edinburgh Joiner or Landscaper would be delighted to guide you on the best way to build beautiful decking. Call 0131 315 0000 today to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.

What does it cost? / What affects the price?

Quote’s are, of course, free and are done with no obligation.

However, when it comes to actually supplying and fitting decking then the cost can range from £15 / sq m to £90 / sq m. This is based on creating an area of around 20 square meters of decking.

We appreciate that’s a big range, so what affects the price?

  • The materials used:
    • Different timbers cost different amounts
    • In an online search at time of writing we found budget Pine Timber decking at under £3 / sq m and Oak Decking at £36.26 / sq m.
  • The quality of the materials used:
    • Around two thirds of the cost for garden decking installation will be for materials.
    • The easiest way, therefore, to reduce a quote is to use cheaper materials.
    • Be sure to compare like with like when comparing quotes.
  • Area size
    • Small areas cost proportionally more per square meter
    • Larger areas cost more in total but benefit from economies of scale.
  • The contours of the ground to be decked
    • It’s easier and faster (and so cheaper) to lay decking on perfectly flat ground with lots of space to work.
    • Steps or changes in level add to the cost
  • Gaps between boards
    • Some decking is designed to have gaps between the boards and some designed only to have an expansion gap.
    • With gaps, larger areas can be covered faster and so for less cost.
  • Timber treatment
    • Some timber is pre-treated. Some is not. If timber needs to be treated after laying then this will add to the cost. Be sure to check with your chosen tradesperson  before progressing.

Why consider decking?

At HomeForce we feel there are many good reasons to consider decking:

  1. Aesthetics: – It looks neat and welcoming.
  2. Low Maintenance: – It is relatively easy to maintain.
  3. Versatile: – Change the whole character of your garden by varying where, how and what you have on your decking. Potted plants or ambient lighting, let your imagination run riot.
  4. Cost Effective: – Usually cheaper than other forms of “hard” landscaping such as slabs or paving.
  5. Extend useable spaces: – particularly if you have a sloping or uneven garden.
  6. Sustainability: – Decking timber is usually from properly managed replanted forests.

Other Hints and Tips

Mind The Gap:

  • Never fit decking flush with a wall. Leave at least a 1cm / 10mm gap to allow rain to run down the wall.
  • If water pools in contact with the wall if could penetrate it and cause internal damp as the decking is likely to be above the level of damp proof membrane.
  • For the same reason keep the “gap” clear of leaves or other debris.

Weed-proof Membrane

  • Ensure some is laid before the decking goes down.
  • Few things spoil decking more than a forest of weeds forming underneath it and pushing shoots that are reaching for the sun through the cracks.

Slippery when wet

  • Decking won’t, of it’s own accord, be slippery when wet. It’s designed not to be.
  • However, over time algae may grow on decking (Particularly if parts of the decking are quite sheltered).
  • It is the algae that can make decking slippery when wet.

Low Pressure Power wash

  • If algae does get established it’s tempting to blast it with a power washer.
  • It’s better to use the power washer on a lower setting. That will be sufficient to remove the algae but not to damage the timber or affect the timber treatments.

Into the light (and wind)

  • Sheltered spots may seem appealing for when using decking but out of sunlight or the drying wind can mean algae builds up faster.


  • Oils and treatments to protect the timbers and prevent algal growth should be applied at reasonably regular intervals to prolong the life of decking.
  • Each decking will have a different treatment requirement.
  • Ensure your chosen decking installer advises you of the requirements for your chosen decking.

Planning Permission

  • If fitting raised decking that enables you to over look a neighbour’s property then check that planning permission is not required.

Heavy Weight Reinforcement

  • If you are thinking of putting a hot tub on decking ensure it is suitably reinforced.

Arrange for a garden decking quote from a reliable trades professional