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What boiler do Edinburgh Gas Engineers Recommend?

Which boiler is recommended by Edinburgh Gas Engineers?

The gas boiler recommended by any Edinburgh Gas Engineer will vary.

This doesn’t make one engineer more right than another. Always be aware that a favourite pastime of Gas Engineers (and any trade for that matter) is to rubbish the opinion and work of other gas engineers (See “Not all tradespeople are cowboys” for more).

The boiler recommended by a gas engineer will usually come down to three factors:

  1. What do they think is right for the circumstances (location, power out put required etc.)
  2. Customer preferences, budget (See “New Boiler Cost”) and length of warranty requested. Some customers make up their mind which boiler they want before a gas engineer gets a chance to recommend anything. Often this is for a Worcester boiler because they direct marketing to consumers as well as gas engineers. (See “Selecting a new boiler” for more)
  3. Gas engineers recommend boilers that they like to work with, have most training on and get the least problems with either during or after installation. We all want an easy life.

The independent Edinburgh Gas Engineers that we spoke to will rarely recommend a boiler based on the profit they make on it. This may be contrary to what sceptics think. Although larger companies may recommend boilers for which they get discounts due to higher quantity purchases they will usually “pass on” those savings.

So what boiler is recommended by Edinburgh Gas Engineers?

We spoke to ten HomeForce accredited independent Edinburgh Gas Engineers and asked which combi gas boiler they recommended. We did actually ask more than ten but only ten got back to us!

They were also asked why they recommended that boiler, what the cost might be to swap it (supply and fit) for an existing boiler and the length of warranty.

EngineerRecommended BoilerWhy recommendedCostWarranty
RMNavienPrice point for what you get is good.
Make all the components themselves. Other boilers are mishmash.
The most popular boiler in America.
£1600 – 7 year
£1900 – 10 Year
7 or 10 year warranty.
10 year with internet controller.
JGBaxiBaxi concentrates on good quality components rather aesthetics.
There components are used in many other boilers.
All models come with high efficiency pumps.
Easy to work on.
£1,800 to £2,5005 or 7 year
KCWorcesterEasy to keep clean and service.
Long life span.
After care for both engineer and customer is second to none.
£1800 to £220010 or 12 year
TBViessmannBuilt like a tank / bullet proof (i.e. super reliable, German engineering) Great technical support. Excellent engineer training. Usually around £2,00010 year
ETBaxiGood parts.
Filters come as standard.
Would fit one in own house.
Good support from the Baxi Rep.
From £1,70010 year
KAPotterton (now Baxi)Installation is easy.
Never get any issues.
Start to finish just seems to work for me.
From £1,4002 to 7 years
DGVaillantBecause they are the best!
Well built. Good looking. Efficient.
I find them trouble free to install and run.
£1,800 to £1,500Minimum 7 years.
Up to 10 Years
SDVokeraThey have cheap models and customers like cheap. From £1400 5 – 7 years
DHWorcester BoschIt’s an easy sell.
Customers believe they are the best because they see them on TV.
They are pretty good though.
From £1,8005 - 10 years

Can any gas engineer install any gas boiler?

Yes. As long as the Engineer is registered with Gas Safe they should be able to install pretty much any domestic Gas Boiler.

Some Gas Safe Registered engineers can install commercial boilers. However not all of them can do so. It will depend on the specific training and qualifications the engineer has.

Are there any boilers that Edinburgh Gas Engineers do NOT recommend?

There are some boilers that some gas engineers will decline to work on or decline to install.

Sometimes this is because there is some technical issue that they are unfamiliar with but more often it’s because they feel the quality of the boiler is questionable. They don’t want to install a boiler that is likely to result in call backs. However, “no go” boilers for some engineers are the recommended boilers for others.

Why does the length a warranty vary? / Why does the warranty affect cost?

Because what is covered by the warranty will vary. See our “Boiler Warranty” article for more

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