New Boiler Costs in Edinburgh

What does a new boiler cost in Edinburgh?

This article provides guidance on the cost of a new boiler in Edinburgh. It can’t provide a guaranteed cost because every situation is different. We hope, however, that it is helpful in providing cost guidance and information on what affects the cost of a new boiler. Note that prices in other parts of the UK may differ.

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To cut to the chase £1,800 and £2,800 can be considered a starting point for a new boiler cost in Edinburgh.

Factors listed below give an indication of what will affect the total cost of a new boiler.

1. The make and model of the new boiler

There are many makes / manufacturers of boilers:

As with, say, car manufacturers each manufacturer produces a number of different models for different needs. Small models with less power and less features cost less than larger models with more features.

To continue the car analogy some manufacturers position themselves in the premium market (Audi, BMW, Porsche – Worcester Bosch, Viessman), while others aim for the budget market (Tata, Kia – Ideal , Vokera, Ariston).

Consequently manufacturer, model, size / power and features will all affect the cost of a new boiler, and therefore, the overall cost of a new boiler installation.

Comparing the relative merits of boilers or manufacturers is beyond the scope of this article. However, you might like to read “What New Boiler do Edinburgh Gas Engineers Recommend?“. Remember that, as with everything, there will always be an element of “you get what you pay for”.

Consider your budget, take the advice of a qualified heating engineer and keep in mind that cheaper boilers may be less efficient and more liable to break down than more expensive makes & models. As a result, they will cost you more in the long run.

At time of writing we found a 24Kw Worcester Gas Combination Boiler (suitable for a flat with 1 bathroom and 8 – 10 radiators) for £1,200 (Inc VAT), where as a Vokera boiler with the same, 24Kw, output was available for £510 (Inc VAT).

Luxury BMW Car
Basic Seat Car
Which new boiler would you rather have on your wall?

2. What is the new boiler replacing?

Replacing an existing gas, condensing boiler with a new like for like boiler in the same position is likely to require the least time to do. It will therefore incur a relatively low labour charge (£700 – £1,000) . Changing a heat only gas boiler to a gas combination condensing boiler in a new position will cost more (£1,600 to £2,000).

As regulations and technologies have upgraded so the position of an existing boiler may not be suitable for a new boiler.  The route a flue takes may no longer allow access for visual inspections of the pipe work. Gas and water leading to or from a boiler and may need re-routing or replacing. All these will take time and materials to alter and upgrade and, therefore, affect the cost.

3. Will other trades be required?

Aside from simply replacing the boiler other tradespeople may be required:

  • A joiner to box in pipe work, tidy up a cupboard or fit flue inspection hatches.
  • A roofer if the flue is to exit through a roof.
  • A decorator to make good any areas of wall where the old boiler was removed, pipes were re-routed or to paint new pipe boxing.
  • A “core cutter” to core a hole through a wall for a flue exit point.
  • An electrician to run a new power source to the boiler.

4. Additional requirements & upgrades affecting a new boiler cost

Controlling heating from an app on a tablet
Control your heating from your phone or tablet.
Thermostat on radiator being controlled by hand
Radiator Thermostat
Magnetic Filter on Central Heating System
Magnetic Filter for Central Heating System
The following may also affect costs if they are carried out as part of a new boiler installation:
  • A Power Flush: Often required for older systems because there is a build up of sludge in the system. Some boiler manufacturers make it a condition of their warranty that a power flush is carried out at the time their boiler is installed. Cost £350 to £500.
  • Installing a magnetic filter will help prevent the build up of sludge and ensure more efficient running and longer life of a new boiler. Filters cost from around £100 to £180 and take around an hour to install. The engineer may do this as part of the installation price.
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TVRs): adding these to your system gives more control and potentially reduces running costs.  A valve itself will cost from £7 to £60 or more.
  • Thermostatic Control: This is the central control panel from where the temperature of the system can be controlled. Again the cost of these varies widely depending on the functionality required. The most recent innovation in these controls being the use of smart phone apps to remotely control the heating. Costs range from £50 to £250 and more.

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