Boiler Replacement Edinburgh

Boiler replacement leads to lower carbon emissions and lower fuel bills.

5 good reasons to get a replacement boiler before your old boiler breaks down

A boiler replacement in Edinburgh will cost upwards of £1,800 (See Boiler Replacement Costs). It is understandable, therefore, that it’s usually only done when an existing boiler completely packs up. After all, who wants to, voluntarily, spend a large sum of money on a metal box that occasionally goes “Whoomph!”?

This article explains 5 good reasons why, in Edinburgh, replacement of a boiler that is over 10 years old is a good idea. Even if it’s still working.

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Reason 1: – A Replacement Boiler Saves Money

Replacement boilers offer savings in three areas:

1) Lower fuel consumption

A modern, efficient (A – B Rated) boiler can save from £200 to £300 a year on fuel bills (Source: – Energy Saving Trust).

Over the 10 to 15-year life a boiler that’s enough to pay for the replacement boiler and a holiday in the sun!

Improved efficiency (more heat for the same fuel) comes from two places;

  • older boilers convert less fuel to heat. Even if they are regularly serviced.
  • new boilers burn more efficiently than older boilers ever did due to advances in technology.

2) Greater control

Controls for modern replacement boilers offer far greater control. You can avoid heating a house, or even part of a house, that is unoccupied.

Gone are the days of having fixed times when the heating comes on. Smart controls let you control when and which parts of your home are heated. Some controls can even sense when you are not at home by using the GPS on your phone. They’ll then turn the heating down / off automatically. If you forget to adjust your heating when you are away then no problem, just tap the app.

3) Lower running costs and maintenance

A new replacement boiler costs less in maintenance in three ways:

  • firstly, of course, it’s less likely to break down in the first place. Even if it does it’s likely to have a warranty.
  • secondly, replacement parts for old boilers can be hard to come by and so expensive. By the time you have paid for the labour and parts of a couple of boiler repairs you could be well on your way toward the cost of a replacement boiler. And who’s to say your old boiler might not break down again soon?
  • thirdly, again due to advances in technology, diagnosing and carrying out repairs on new boilers is becoming less time consuming, and we all know “time is money”.

NOTE(s): – Be aware that there are other ways to potentially reduce fuel bills; upgrading controls (including thermostats), cleaning out the system (see Power Flush) or fitting magnetic filters. It is also advisable to ensure that a boiler is serviced every year. Apart from ensuring the boiler is running safely a boiler service ensures it is burning as efficiently as possible.

Reason 2 – A Replacement Boiler is Better for the Environment

The Scottish Government has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (compared to 1990) by 2050. One of the key target areas is how homes are heated. From 2032 houses currently on the “Gas Grid” will be targeted to transfer to zero emission heating systems. This may involve changing to Electricity or using hydrogen instead of / to supplement natural gas. There may be an interim measure of blending Hydrogen into the gas supplies. Most new boilers will work just as well with up to 20% Hydrogen blended with natural gas.

The obvious question is “Why not move fully Electric now?” Well, cost. Both the cost of fuel and the cost of changing to an entirely electric system. At time of writing retail electricity prices are around 3 times higher than gas (typically 15p / kWh compared to 5p / kWh)

For now, in many Edinburgh homes, replacement of an old boiler with a modern Gas Boiler may be the most realistic option.

That’s not to say a new boiler doesn’t help the environment. According to the Energy Saving Trust changing from a G rated boiler to an A rated boiler could save 1,220 kg of carbon dioxide from being produced each year. That’s around 30% of the total Carbon emissions from an old boiler.

Landlords Get Ready – AND Owner Occupiers too!

From 2025, at change of tenancy in Scotland (and so Edinburgh!), properties are required to reach an equivalent EPC rating of C or better. The same will apply to all tenanted Private Rental Sector properties from 2028 (not just at change of tenancy). Legislation is also planned to bring similar regulations in to force for owner occupiers.

One of the most effective and cost efficient ways to improve the Energy Performance Rating of a property is the replacement of an inefficient boiler.

Reason 3 – A Replacement Boiler gives Peace of mind

Every year, with the arrival of cold weather, Edinburgh residents turn on heating systems. Many of these have sat idle for the summer. This leads to a surge in break down call outs for Edinburgh’s heating engineers. With only a limited supply of engineers in Edinburgh, having to survive for a few days with a broken-down boiler becomes inevitable.

Replacing a boiler that is 10 years old or more will offer peace of mind. A new boiler is far less likely to break down and many new boilers can be bought with 10-year parts and labour

Reason 4 – A Replacement Boiler is Safer

Safety standards are improving all the time. Old boilers have a higher risk of dangerous emissions.

Carbon monoxide detectors go some way to reducing the risk. Replacement of a 10+ year old boiler would reduce them further.

Reason 5 – A Replacement Boiler will Create Some Space

Storage space in Edinburgh flats can often be lacking. This is a problem exasperated by large boilers located in Edinburgh presses or what were storage cupboards. Let’s face it most traditional Edinburgh flats were built long before the concept of a gas boiler was considered.

A replacement boiler will, almost certainly, be smaller than an older boiler. It could also be located in places more out of the way. Plus, if it’s a boiler connected to a water storage tank then the tank can, often, be done away with too.

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