Edinburgh Boiler Warranty

A 10 Year Boiler Warranty is usually available for manufacturer accredited installers.

Boiler Warranty; answers and explanations

This article aims to clear up misconceptions and answer questions that customers have about their Boiler Warranty in Edinburgh.

Our Edinburgh Gas Engineers find there can be a misunderstanding of what a Boiler Warranty actually is. We hope this provides clarification and prevent disputes.

A warranty is not a guarantee

A boiler warranty is a commitment to repair a boiler. A guarantee is a step above this because it’s a commitment to replace a boiler if it cannot be repaired.

The often quoted “all work guaranteed” has no bearing on a boiler warranty. In fact the “all work guaranteed” claim should be viewed with caution in any situation. Our article “Disputes with tradespeople” explains why.

A boiler warranty is from the manufacturer not the installer

The “commitment to repair” a boiler comes from the boiler manufacturer, not the installing engineer. That does not mean that the installing engineer is free from liability. Protection from substandard workmanship is enshrined in consumer protection laws. Advice on how to deal with sub-standard workmanship is contained in our article “Disputes with tradespeople“.

Not every boiler warranty is the same

Boiler warranties vary in length; 1 year to 10 years or sometimes more. They may include parts and labour or just parts. The manufacturer and installer will also affect the length of warranty available.

To ensure you understand what is covered in a boiler warranty check the small print before installation.

Different Gas Engineers can give different warranties for the same boiler

Manufacturers do not specify that their boiler must be installed by their own engineers. Any Gas Safe Registered Engineer can install pretty much any domestic boiler.

However, you will find, that different gas engineers will recommend different boilers. See “Which boiler do Edinburgh Gas Engineers Recommend?” for more.

This is not because engineers make more money from one boiler than another. It’s usually because they have attended advanced training courses for a particular manufacturer. The manufacturer then grantees the gas engineer permission to offer a longer warranty for their boilers.

A warranty is a contract that has terms on both sides.

As stated above, the commitment to repair a boiler under warranty is from the manufacturer.

However, for a warranty to be valid there will be terms to which the boiler manufacturer stipulates the boiler owner must adhere. These terms usually start from the basic condition that it must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Another condition would be that it must be installed in line with the manufacturers instructions. There could be a requirement for Powerflush at time of installation. A common condition is that the boiler is serviced annually.

If these conditions are not adhered to the warranty may be invalidated.

Missed annual services may void a boiler warranty

Missing an annual service is one of the most common breaches of a boiler warranty agreement.

Part of a Boiler Service is to ensure the boiler is running efficiently. This is because more strain is put on the boiler if it is not running efficiently. As a result it’s more likely to break down. Naturally therefore, boiler manufactures make it a condition of a warranty that a boiler is serviced annually. (See “Boiler Service” for more on what’s included in an annual boiler service.)

A longer boiler warranty usually costs more

As with pretty much any good or service the more you get the more it costs. A boiler warranty is a service so the longer the service runs the more it will cost.

If you have your heart set on a particular boiler but it’s above your budget, try asking the installer to reduce the warranty. The price might come down.

It’s up to the customer to register a warranty, not the gas engineer

The engineer should provide all the paper work necessary to register a boiler warranty. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to register the warranty. It is, after all, in their name.

Ensure a boiler is registered within 30 days of the installation for the warranty to be valid. Boiler Warranties are usually registered online but could also be done by completing a card and sending it to the manufacturer.

You may need to contact the manufacturer for a repair, NOT the installer.

Check what the warranty says before you reach for the phone. It may be that the terms state that it must be a an engineer accredited by the manufacturer. That still might be the person who installed the boiler but the Manufacturer might arrange someone else.

If you just contact any old Edinburgh gas engineer or even the installing engineer you may be charged labour and parts even though your boiler is under warranty.

In some instances a repair done by a non-accredited engineer could nullify a warranty.

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