New Kitchen Installation – Money Saving Tips

Think beyond traditional drawers and cupboards to create a low cost, contemporary kitchen.

New kitchen installations don’t come cheap. By the time you’ve bought the kitchen and accoutrements, had it installed and finally got it decorated even a “budget” kitchen will cost the best part of £3,000.

HomeForce have, therefore, put together this list of “money saving tips”. Of course every situation is different but even if one of the tips saves you a bit of money, or even causes you to rethink spending money, then we’ll feel it’s been worthwhile.

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  1. Plan, plan & plan
    • Fully plan the work before starting:
      • What will go where? – down to the sockets, shelves and kitchen gadgets
      • What colours will it all be? – Walls, Tiles, Floors, Cupboards, Lights etc
      • What “extras” will you want the installers to carry out? – Fit Knife Racks & pan stands. Add shelves in cupboards
    • Never leave decisions to be made once work is underway
    • “On the go” decisions are the primary cause of budget overruns in any property renovation work.
  2. On site. On time.
    • Ensure everything needed (that you are providing) is onsite before the kitchen installation starts.
    • Even if it’s not needed until the end at least the installer can see it and plan for it. Then there’s no excuse for getting it wrong.
  3. Lighten up
    • Rather than installing a new kitchen consider changing the lighting to make it feel as good as new.
    • Under unit lights (even of different colours) can make old fashioned be reborn as contemporary.
  4. Reuse cabinets. Change doors
    • If you are happy with the kitchen layout and the carcasses for the kitchen units are in good shape then why strip it all out?
    • Just replace door and drawer fronts
    • Even simply replacing handles on cupboards can make old seem new
    • If you are changing the layout then consider if any of the units are the right size to be re used.
  5. Vinyl Floor
    • It’s become almost de rigueur to tile kitchen floors
    • Yet compared to Vinyl flooring ceramic tiles have many draw backs:
      • Expensive to buy and fit
      • Difficult & costly to repair
      • Cold, hard and uncomfortable underfoot.
      • Prevent easy access to underfloor pipes and wiring
  6. Creative splash backs.
    • As with flooring think beyond tiles
      • Wall boards, Perspex, Metal, Glass or even hardwearing paint.
    • Look online on second hand sites for items that will do the job for far less than tiles.
  7. Second hand
    • More and more frequently people are selling “used” kitchens (the units and work tops) on-line.
    • You could buy a top-of-the range kitchen for one quarter of the original price.
    • No two kitchens will be exactly the same but enough of a second hand kitchen could be used to make significant savings.
  8. Buy in the sales
    • Kitchen wholesalers have sales as frequently as department stores. Keep an eye out for deals.
    • More often than not a wholesaler will be happy to store your kitchen until you are ready to have it delivered (within reason).
  9. Look Beyond kitchens
    • Are their items in your house already or items that you could buy on-line that could be used in the kitchen but aren’t specifically for a kitchen?
    • For example book shelves or dressers. Have a look round salvage yards for inspiration.
  10. Know where to spend and where to save
    • Cheap Sinks & Taps will cost more as they won’t do the jobs they were designed to do for long.
    • But cheaper work tops will usually do the same job as one at twice or three times the price.
  11. Built under rather than integrated
    • Integrated appliances cost more in the first instance, cost more to install and cost more to repair or replace when they break down than stand alone / built under appliances.

When budgeting for, planning and installing a new kitchen, do so for yourself; for your enjoyment. Forget about the affect it will have on the sale of your house. Whatever you do won’t be to everyone’s taste so it’s unlikely to add to the value of the house when you come to sell.

We’d advise people not to spend money replacing a kitchen if they plan to sell in the near future. Of course do what you can to make the kitchen appear cared for and contemporary (see “Preparing a Property to Sell – Money Saving Tips”) but always be aware that you are unlikely to get back what you spend.

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