Tradesperson Additional Charges – Parking, Travel, Debris

Tradespeople will usually add the cost of parking to their bill.

Tradespeople may make charges for items additional to labour and materials. Examples of these are listed below:

Charges for parking in Edinburgh vary widely.

Where a tradesperson is required to pay for parking charges these will usually be passed on to the customer at cost.

HomeForce Tip: A resident’s permit holder can obtain visitor permits from Edinburgh City Council for use by tradespeople. These permits are not free but are at a reduced cost to the meter costs.

Travel Time
HomeForce accredited tradespeople will travel outside Edinburgh and it’s immediate surrounds. Usually this is for larger jobs. Where they do so they may charge for travel time either as an itemised part of a quote / estimate or invoice or built into a total quoted cost.

Debris Disposal:
All tradespeople are required to pay for the disposal of debris. It is often referred to as “Trades Waste”. They may do this either by using a skip or by taking debris directly to an approved centre. Both methods have an associated cost which would be passed on to a customer either as a specific item or within the total cost of the job.

Alternatives available to customers would be to arrange for a special uplift by Edinburgh City Council – this is a paid for service – or take debris from works carried out at your property to a council waste management facility yourself.

Key Collection:
As with travel time, the time taken to collect and return keys may incur a charge from a tradesperson.

For small jobs it is often possible to do “everything” (collect keys, assess and complete of job) within one hour. If that is the case only a tradesperson’s “minimum charge” would be applied.