Help Tenants Look After Your Property

Help tenants treat your property as their own.

Eight Ways to Help Your Tenants Look After Your Property

Tenants, no matter how good, won’t look after a property as if it’s their own (it isn’t).

Some will look after a property better than others however, we’d recommend you prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

But there are ways you can prepare for the worst AND best before a tenant moves in.

Here’s our list of suggestions to help tenants look after your property and save you money.

1. Bathroom Extractor Fans

  • Fit a good (i.e. high powered) bathroom extractor fan – and ensure it works.
  • Ideally one with a humidistat switch so it only stops when sufficient moisture is out of the bathroom.
  • This will save money on replacing or cleaning mould build up; a common thing in rented properties. (Read more HERE)
2. Remove Furniture
  • Even in a furnished flat if it’s old, broken, or just not useful take it away.
  • Leaving it in the flat creates clutter, gives the impression of lack of care and leaves landlords open to injury claims if an accident happens.
  • If it’s there when tenants move in they can legitimately ask for it to be replaced if it gets broken.
  • If a tenant brings in a few bits of their own furniture they are more likely to stay longer. (NB: Ensure they take anything they bring when they move out.)

3. Fit Vinyl

  • Particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Cheaper to fit (and replace and clean) than tiles or laminate.
  • Less likely that things falling on it break – or cause damage.
  • Easier to roll back and use again if under floor problems such as leaking pipes.
  • Designs available to replicate any material.
  • Less susceptible to water damage
4. Use Hard Wearing Carpets in Bedrooms
  • You might think “It’s only a rental property cheapest available will do”.
  • But it won’t last as long so will cost more in the long run.
  • Reduces noise to / from the flat (reducing complaints).
  • Use stain resistant carpets to make cleaning easier.

5. Inspect / Repair / Maintain

  • Do regular inspections to catch required repairs before they become costly problems.
  • Repair promptly and to a high standard to avoid longer term (high) expenses.
  • Have a long term maintenance plan (again to keep longer term costs down).
  • Show you care about your property and tenants are more likely to follow suit.

6. Wall board

  • Use wallboard in showers and bathrooms rather than tiles.
  • Easier to clean / less susceptible to mould build up and discolouration.
  • Cheaper to install / repair / replace.
  • Less susceptible to leaks.
  • Plenty of designs to replicate tiles (or make a feature bathroom).

7. Use rugs on precious floors

  • Single, neutral colours make older flats appear more modern. Avoid putting down Granny’s old Persian rugs.
  • Protects floors from damage from footwear
  • Cheaper to replace than damaged hard wood floor
  • Makes properties feel warmer.

8. Fit solid shower screens rather than curtains

  • They provide a better barrier to stop water getting out and causing damage.
  • Shower curtains become unsightly over time and require replacing (costing money). Yes, a shower screen costs more but it will last 20 times longer.

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