Save money on a new bathroom in Edinburgh


To save money on a new bathroom in Edinburgh you don’t need to get a cheap bathroom. In fact cheap bathrooms are often a false economy. 

We believe it’s better to save money on a new bathroom, whether it’s a £2,000 bathroom or a £20,000 bathroom. 

Cheap means low quality fixtures and fittings. It means poorly skilled and inexperienced tradespeople. Things break in cheap bathrooms and cost money to repair. Bathrooms that are cheap often look cheap. They usually mean you compromise on what you’d really like. Would you not rather save money on the bathroom you really want?

Of course, cheap is also relative, cheap to one person is luxury to another.

This article is intended to help you get an amazing bathroom for less than you think it will cost. It’s about how to save money on a new bathroom no matter what your budget is. 

Here are our tips. (You also might like to read “Bathroom Fitting Costs“)

  1. Go straight to the bathroom fitter
    • Bathroom companies are all well and good. They provide a single point of contact, a shiny showroom and a smooth talking salesman.
    • But they have overheads. That you pay for.
    • They also, for the most part, subcontract the actual bathroom fitting. And add a hefty mark up to what they pay the subcontractors.
    • Go straight to the subcontractor to avoid paying marked up labour charges.
    • You can still access the same ranges (in fact probably more) as going through a bathroom company and may even get them for less through the fitter.
    • Sure, it may mean a bit more leg work for you. But this article is about how to save money on a new bathroom.
  2. Get the right person / company for the job
    • Selecting a bathroom fitter with the right attitude as well as skills and qualifications will save time and time is money.
    • Also check on their project management skills  access to suppliers and that they fully understand your requirements. 
    • Read our article “The best bathroom fitter in Edinburgh” to find out more. 
    • Yes, you might find someone who puts a lower number at the bottom of their quote, but if they are not the right person it will cost more.
  3. Fit vinyl flooring rather than tiles or laminate
    • Even the most expensive, luxurious, cushioned vinyl flooring is almost always cheaper per square meter to buy and fit than tiles or laminate.
    • An added advantage is that any damage done at a later date is more readily made good.
    • Tile or laminate floors may need toilets, bath’s and showers to be removed to get to pipes under the floor. The tiles or laminate may get damaged beyond repair. 
    • Vinyl can simply be rolled back and then relayed if the need arises.
    • Not only does vinyl flooring save money in a new bathroom but also saves money if there are future problems.
    • But “hang on” you say, vinyl is for hospitals, schools & sports halls. Not so; there are many vinyl designs that are visually almost indistinguishable from tiles our wood.
    • Finally, vinyl is more cushioned and warmer underfoot than tiles or wood / laminate. Particularly appealing on cold winter mornings.
  4. Use wall board rather than tiles
    • Again the perception is of hospitals and shower rooms in sports halls, but there is an array of designs that give the impression of tiles or even wood, stone or metal. (see examples Here)
    • The added advantages are that it’s easier to clean and less susceptible to water penetration.
    • And, of course, it’s cheaper per square meter to buy and install than tiles.
Don't waste money

Don’t pour money down the drain with a new bathroom installation.

  1. Do your own project management
    • Whether engaging a bathroom company or asking an installer to do the necessary organising for a bathroom project you will pay, in some way, for the project management.
    • If you feel confident do this yourself. You will gain a real sense of achievement and probably find deals along the way that will reduce your costs even further.
  2. Seek out “end of line” deals
    • Even when you employ a project manager there’s nothing to stop you seeking out end-of-line deals on-line or direct with suppliers.
    • Tile warehouses will often have end of line stock as will flooring companies and bathroom suite suppliers.
    • Always consult with your chosen bathroom fitter before buying in case installing your chosen “deal” item creates additional work that outweighs the savings of the deal.
  3. Buy from trade outlets rather than high street show rooms
    • With some exceptions exactly what you see in a high-street show room (or something very similar) will be available from trades suppliers at a lower price. All you need to do is ask.
    • Furthermore your selected bathroom fitter may receive a “Trades discount” with a supplier. They might not pass on the entire discount to you but it could still be less than you’d pay “on the high street”
  4. Don’t get three quotes from three bathroom fitters
    • OK, yes, of course you should get three quotes.
    • However, don’t just be driven by the number at the bottom of the quote.
    • Take the time to “interrogate” each quote.
      • Is everything you want to be done included in the description of work?
      • What quality materials are going to be used?
      • Who (with what experience?) will do the actual work?
      • How long will the work take?
      • Will they dispose of the down takings?
      • Are there any preparation you can do to reduce the cost?
      • Have they made an allowance for a contingency…something that is unforeseeable?
    • Sure, you may find that the lowest price is still the right one. But better to find that out before starting work than after.
    • If you just accept the lowest quote without interrogating it you are surrendering control of where the cost savings are to be made.

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