How to Beat Your Competitors

Be better, not cheaper.

There are just two ways to “compete” when trying to secure work:
  1. Trying to be the cheapest (See “Low Cost is NOT what wins jobs ”).
  2. Provide a better quality service.

At HomeForce we help tradespeople provide a better quality service.

Being the cheapest means finding a way to do it for less and still make a profit;
  • Using low quality materials
  • Doing things the fast way rather than the right way
  • Employing cheap, inexperienced labour
Providing a better quality service means:
  • Not taking short cuts
  • Charging a fair rate, not an inflated rate
  • Using the best materials a customer can afford
  • Employing labour with the right skills and materials
Quality Service also means:
  • Responding quickly to customers
  • Turning up to appointments
  • Providing detailed professional looking quotes
  • Communicating clearly with customers

How does HomeForce help tradespeople provide a better quality service?

  • We match tradespeople to the job. That means only offering tradespeople the kind of jobs they want to do and have the skills to do.
  • Through our market rate monitor we inform tradespeople what a fair price is. We don’t tell tradespeople what to charge.
  • Proactive monitoring of jobs helps tradespeople keep on top of their work load.

HomeForce accredited tradespeople are trained on proprietary Job Management systems that help them:

  • Respond quickly to enquiries, quote requests and questions
  • Send clear professional communications including quotes and invoices
  • Receive and send alerts for up coming appointments
  • And much more

Very few people can prove that they are “The Best” at something but everyone can get better at something and be better than others. At HomeForce we try to make tradespeople better for their benefit and for customers benefit.

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