How to get 5 star reviews

How to get more 5 Star Reviews.

It’s not enough to be highly skilled and do a good job.

For a customer to tell their friends how great a particular tradesperson is and ask them to do more work then they need a little more. That “little more” doesn’t need to take any more time and will, in fact, save time and cost on acquiring new work through advertising.

Here are ten easy ways to get 5 star reviews and keep customers coming back for more.

1. Under Promise. Over Deliver

  • Never give yourself a deadline you might not make. Give yourself more time and then beat that deadline:
    • Don’t say “I’ll get the quote to you tonight” and then send it three days later. Say, “I’ll get the quote to you in three days” then send it tonight (or tomorrow).
    • Don’t say “It will be completed by Wednesday” then not get it done ‘til Friday. Say, “It will be complete by Friday” and then get it done by Wednesday.

2. Say It. Do It. Say it again

  • In other words; tell a customer what you are going to do, then do it, then tell them what you have done.

3. If you say it, do it

  • Connected to point 2, don’t say you are going to do something (“I’ll find that part”) and then not do it.

4. Say “No”

  • If you won’t have time to do something that the customer asks (research a part required, do extra work, send a quote by a certain deadline) say “No”
  • Don’t say “yes” due to fear the customer will go elsewhere. If you say “yes” and then not do it customers will never come back and they’ll tell people NOT to use you.

5. Offer Alternatives

  • If you say “No” then provide an alternative option
  • “I won’t have time to try to find that part but if you find it I’ll fit it”
  • “I won’t have time to get the quote to you tonight, but I can get it to you by the end of the weekend”

6. Let the customer say “No”

  • Tell the customer what will be done and then ask “Would you like me to proceed?”

7. Don’t criticise the work of others

  • It appears unprofessional and creates distrust of ALL tradespeople in the customers mind. The next person along might criticise your work, it’s just a different opinion.

8. Be clear on costs

  • Tell customers what the total charge will be
  • If a quote or estimate is not possible (for trace and repair jobs) state how they will be charged; £x per hour.

9. Tidy up

  • Don’t leave off cuts lying around, borrowed ladders not put away, muddy foot prints on floors.
  • If there’s going to be a mess that requires extensive cleaning then tell the customer before hand (and say you haven’t allowed to do it in your costs)

10. Tell them you are on your way

  • Email or text a reminder before an appointment
  • Text when you are on your way with an ETA
  • (Software can be used to do this automatically)

None of the above will add to an administrative burden. In fact it should reduce it as there will be reduced chasing, comebacks and questions from customers all of which take time, unnecessary time, to address.

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