Reduce Administration Time By Up To 90%

Spend more time with family and friends rather than your computer

Administration is not something tradespeople enjoy doing.

Often, let’s be honest, they are not good at it.

By administration we mean:

  • Marketing and advertising for work
  • Taking calls from customers and answering their questions
  • Surveying for, researching, producing, sending and following up quotes
  • Ordering materials
  • Scheduling jobs & planning routes
  • Communicating with customers
  • Managing jobs on site
  • Sending invoices
  • Chasing payment
  • Managing cashflow
  • Keeping financial records / doing accounts
  • Doing Tax (VAT, PAYE, Tax Returns)
  • Keeping insurance and qualifications up to date

Good administration is crucial to running and building a profitable business.

Even the “Best” Joiner / Plumber / Electrician in the world may go out of business without good administration.

Here we’ve looked at how administrative tasks are often done by Tradespeople and suggested how they could be better.

By doing administration better, we believe that some tradespeople could cut the time they spend doing administrative tasks by up to 90%.

And if administration time is reduced there’s more time available to do the things that make money.

Admin TaskHow it is usually doneHow to do it faster & better
Taking EnquiriesTake (or miss) phone call while out working.

Details written for later transfer.

Return calls when missed
Customer details held in database.

Job created by third party to attend to when ready
Scheduling appointmentsDone at night or at weekend after workDo it while on the go using an app on a smart phone
Preparing quotesType out details for each quote (name, address, job description, costs)

Print and post

Retype when doing invoice

Use Word or Excel for template
Details of customer pre-populated in job.

Templates for job description and materials

Send via email or text with terms attached
Following up on quotesRarely, if ever, done.

Unknown if customer received quote.
Automate follow up

See if / when quote opened
Sourcing costs from suppliersCalls to suppliers for costs

Done during day as suppliers closed at night.
Store costs as line items.
Sending photosTake on phone. Transfer to photos or folders. Create email or text. Attach photo. Name / label photo or remember which job relates too. Delete when phone memory full.Take and save photo direct to a job card. Available to send instantly forever.
Sending invoicesDone when get home from work.

Type out details again OR cut and paste from quote.
Send while still with customer.

Take payment before leaving the job.

Change quote to invoice in one click.
Track invoice paymentsSend invoice. Await statement. Check bank account. Mark paid.Automatic reconciliation when payment reaches bank.

Automatically follow up as soon as overdue.

Email & SMS templates ready for further follow up.
Maintain job historyUse memory and a search through old texts and emailsHave all job history directly attached to job
Doing accounts / Book keepingCombination of spreadsheets, notes, files, folders and bits of paper.

Hand to Accountant and await a number.
Integrate with job cards

Do VAT, Tax, and Accounts at the touch of a button

Reduce accountant’s fees

Real time knowledge of cash in bank.

Adapt or die

There are many reasons not to change current systems. Even if you recognise that they aren’t the best:

  • My current system is fine. Why Change?
  • I don’t trust new things
  • I don’t have the time to learn something new
  • It’s too much effort to get this set up
  • I wouldn’t even know where to start

But in business you must “adapt or die”.

Those who do adopt new, better processes will make more money. Those that don’t will struggle and often cease trading.

What’s The Good News?

  • HomeForce can help with all of the above.

Find out how HomeForce can reduce your admin time: