Why replace a working Gas Boiler?

Replace a boiler to improve energy efficiency and reduce bills.

Why replace a working Gas Boiler?

Why replace a functioning gas boiler?

Usually a new boiler is only installed when an existing boiler is beyond economic repair or condemned as dangerous by a Gas Safe Engineer. This is entirely understandable given the expense of installing a new boiler. (See Boiler Replacement Costs ).

However, keeping an old boiler running beyond its useful life can prove to be a false economy.

This article suggests four reasons to replace a boiler while it is still functioning.

1) Save on fuel / heating bills

Different sources, including The Energy Saving Trust, suggest a modern, efficient boiler can save from £200 to £300 / year on fuel bills.

Over the expected life time of a boiler (10 to 15 years) that’s a saving of up to £4,500. More than enough to pay for a new boiler (plus a holiday in the sun).

Although age is a reasonable indicator to how efficient a boiler will be it is actually the efficiency rating that will give a true gauge of what savings might be made. All boilers are rated A to G (with A being the most efficient and G the least). With a rating of D to G its worth looking into the benefits of a new boiler.

If applying averages (average usage, average house size, etc) then an A rated boiler could safe £160 to £200 / year compared to a D rated boiler

NOTE OF CAUTION: – Be aware that there are other ways to potentially reduce fuel bills; upgrading controls (including thermostats), cleaning out the system (See Power Flush) or fitting magnetic filters.

It is also advisable to ensure that a boiler is serviced every year. Apart from ensuring the boiler is running safely a boiler service ensures it is burning as efficiently as possible.

2) Save on Repairs.

The need for regular repairs to your boiler would suggest that parts are beginning to wear out. When this happens not only will you have regular expenditure to repair the boiler but also your boiler will start to run less efficiently and so cost more in fuel.

There does come a point in the life of every mechanical device when it is best to replace it than to continually repair it. Otherwise it can become a case of “throwing good money after bad”.

Of course the better you maintain your boiler (Ensuring regular servicing) the longer it will run efficiently. It’s much the same as a car in this respect.

3) Environmental Impact.

Climate change is happening, the resources of the planet are limited and every bit of Carbon Fuel burnt releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We should all be doing our bit to reduce energy wasted and fuel burnt.

According to the Energy Saving Trust changing from a G rated boiler to an A rated boiler could save 1,220 kg of carbon dioxide from being produced each year.

4) Stay Warm All Winter.

Every winter on the first few days of cold weather, demand for the services of heating & Gas Engineers goes through the roof.

With a limited supply of Gas and Heating engineers in Edinburgh then some people will have to wait, without heating, to find a slot in a Gas Engineers diary.

To avoid this put your boiler through it’s paces in late summer. If any issues are apparent then contact HomeForce to arrange a Heating Engineer and get some advice on the best course of action. That way you won’t be looking for a new boiler when prices go up (as they do, when heating engineers get busy).

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